Explorations in Space and Time


Erik and Jay use juggling as a playful way to explore how humans interact with objects and the environment. The show is often surprising, and very easy to enjoy, as it is presented with a personal touch. Natural elements such as paper, metal, and glass are combined to great effect, one being the invention of origami made of wood! These sculptures bend and fold with liquid movement, turning the manipulation into a form of abstract puppetry. The show suggests an entire world of possibilities, hidden just below the surface of everyday life, waiting to be discovered by everyone!

Music and juggling have always been connected by the shared quality of rhythm. Apparat takes this a step further by incorporating the addition of melody into the juggling sequences. Electronic juggling balls are hooked up to common objects through a complex and highly technical sensor system. When a ball is caught a bicycle bell rings, a bottle clinks, a drum thumps. A humble symphony is made out of this collection of simple acoustic sounds.

A workshop can be given for the audience to physically participate in from their seats immediately following the performance. This workshop provides the opportunity for everyone to try different ideas which went into making the show. The show tours with all the necessary equipment needed, and can be presented in any room with sufficient space. No special lighting conditions or technical assistance is necessary, and multiple performances can be done on the same day.

Production Details:



Show Title:



Erik Åberg (SWE) & Jay Gilligan (USA)


45 minutes (includes 15 minute workshop)

Target Audience:

Age 5-12, but plays well for any age

Performance Space:

Cleared and clean 4x4 meter floorspace, well lit (normal, everyday room lighting), minimum 2.5 meter ceiling height.

Technical Requirements:

One standard 220v electrical outlet or extension cord near the performance area.

Load in Time:

1 hour prior to showtime

Load Out Time:

30 minutes after the last audience member has left

Shoe Size:

Erik 44, Jay 49


€1400 + VAT (25%) first performance, €1000 + VAT (25%) each additional performance on the same day. Expenses for travel, accommodation, and per diems for 2 people will be added to the price. VAT is not added for VAT registered companies and organizations within the EU, outside of Sweden.

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