Museum of Mystery


Bevis gives an entertaining look at an odd selection of rarities, a temporary museum of mystery. Applying concepts from astronomy, physics, chemistry, psychology, music, history, and technology together with the circus arts of juggling and magic, Bevis offers an evolving parade of striking pictures. Research into long forgotten tricks and skills of the past is linked with contemporary innovations to produce a show which ignites the imagination.

Pressure sensors, gravity rails, spherical acrylic, micro samplers, pencils, tablecloths, ping pong balls, hairdryers, dice, wooden origami, and a gong are all used in choreographed experiments that inspire laughter and wonder from the audience. Beyond traditional family entertainment, Bevis fits perfectly into any space or program associated with connecting information- schools, libraries, community centers, etc. The show's flexible framework allows for successful performances in many different environments and occasions. At the end, a workshop is included as part of the performance, inviting the audience to participate and learn many of the concepts demonstrated during the show.

Production Details:



Show Title:



Erik Åberg (SWE) & Jay Gilligan (USA)


45 minutes (includes 15 minute workshop)

Target Audience:

Age 5-12, but plays well for any age

Performance Space:

Cleared and clean 4x4 meter floorspace, well lit (normal, everyday room lighting), minimum 2.5 meter ceiling height

Technical Requirements:

One standard 220v electrical outlet or extension cord near the performance area

Load in Time:

1 hour prior to showtime

Load Out Time:

30 minutes after the last audience member has left

Shoe Size:

Erik 44, Jay 49


€1400 + VAT (25%) first performance, €1000 + VAT (25%) each additional performance on the same day. Expenses for travel, accommodation, and per diems for 2 people will be added to the price. VAT is not added for VAT registered companies and organizations within the EU, outside of Sweden.

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