Shaking the Sky is a performance company that specializes in live music and circus. Sebastian Rotard is from Germany and is 37 years old. He has been playing the drums for 31 years. Jay Gilligan was born in America but lives in Sweden and is 45 years old. He has been juggling for 36 years. “The Perfect Mistake” is a duet that combines juggling and drumming. The title refers to the improvisational nature of the performance. The show incorporates many members of the audience and no one knows what is going to happen next. The concept is a continuous search for an incredible finale. When the exact right accident happens; the perfect mistake; the show is over.

Juggling is an art form that includes techniques that can be traced back more than 4000 years ago. Drums are the oldest known musical instruments and have been around for at least 7500 years. “The Perfect Mistake” uses juggling as a visualization of the drumming, producing a musical experience for the eyes as well as the ears. The audience is able to both see and hear the music. Ultimately, juggling and drumming are both art forms that use the passage of time to unfold complex rhythms and patterns. Both activities require a great deal of concentration, coordination, and timing. “The Perfect Mistake” is an experiment in punk rock juggling.

The show is flexible by design and can be played indoors or outdoors as needed. The performance space can be any size or shape. The audience can be of any age, for any school grade level, family audience, or theater crowd. Its a great show that can fit into many different contexts and people really love to watch it. “The Perfect Mistake” is live performance of the best quality at the highest technical level… and it's really fun!

Shaking the Sky

Show Title:
The Perfect Mistake

Sebastian Rotard (GER) & Jay Gilligan (SWE/USA)

45 minutes

Target Audience:
Family audiences and school performances, maximum 300 audience members per show

Performance Space:
Cleared and clean 4x4 meter floorspace, well lit (normal, everyday room lighting), minimum 2.5 meter ceiling height. The show can play both indoors and outdoors (no rain)

Technical Requirements:
One standard 220v electrical outlet or extension cord near the performance area

Load In Time:
1 hour prior to showtime

Load Out Time:
30 minutes after the last audience member has left

Shoe Size:
Sebastian 42, Jay 50

€1800 + VAT (25%) first performance, €1400 + VAT (25%) each additional performance on the same day. Expenses for travel, accommodation, and per diems for 2 people will be added to the price